Thursday, November 24, 2011


I wish you all a Safe and Wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. May it be filled with much joy of spending time with family or friends.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Halloween Pictures

Happy Friday!

As I promised here are some pictures of my niece and nephew on halloween. The weather was just great and we had fun walking around and collecting all of the candy.

 I had to get the picture of her shoes. They are just adorable and went perfect with her cinderella costume.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Already?

I cannot believe that we are already into the 5th day of November already. I swore that October had just begun the other day and it has already left. October is a very busy month for me especially as it is my birthday month and I LOVE to celebrate my birthday. I do a countdown to the actual day and on the day I pull out my Tiara (seen in picture below) and pick what purple shirt I will be wearing that day. I have to wear my most favorite color on my most favorite day.

This year one girl at work said that when she had her birthday this year she was all sad and could not wear her crown cause turning 30 was depressing to her and I had to explain that the reason I am so happy and can celebrate like this every year is due to the fact that I don’t focus on how old I am turning but that this day symbolizes that “IT’S ALL ABOUT ME” it is the one day of the whole year that it really is all about me and nothing can get me sad or angry on this day.

This year I was absolutely surprised when I went to work (YES, I do work on my birthday no one is at home to wish me happy birthday LOL!). My co-worker had come in over the weekend and put almost 200 balloons in my desk. I could not even sit there that day I had to sit at another desk for the day until I had to break in and then my other co-worker got me a Tiffany’s cake and this bakery is the only other place that can replace my favorite cake which is a giant yellow cake with white icing.

My Desk:

Tiffany's Cake:

I am sure you are wondering what I did with all of those balloons right? Well I moved what was containing them in my desk to the corner and that is where they sit and will stay until they all go down. It gives me joy to look at it

I will be back to showing you pictures from halloween and from my photography class outing this week. Have a great Saturday!