Monday, January 18, 2010

My Husband's Cooking

My husband loves black bean soup and has wanted to make some of his own instead of having to go out and get some from places like Whole Foods or Panera Bread. Well yesterday he was all excited because his cousin from CA had given him this recipe and he was going to try it out.

My husband is not the greatest cook in the world but being a good wife I eat his food when he attempts to cook. One time he made homemade Alfredo sauce and boy it was so hot I did not have sinus problems for a month. We were living with his Grandmother Ann when he made the Alfredo sauce and she told me I was a brave soul LOL!!!.

We once had to help him make brownies for his office pot luck and when his grandmother and I turned our backs he put pepper in the mixture. When his grandmother and I looked down in the mixing bowl and saw this she had thought I had did this and I was like I did not put that there so we asked my husband if he had put something in the bowl and he proudly said "I put pepper in there to bring out the flavor". His grandmother and I looked at each other and said I am glad I am not eating those things.

My husband is the oldest child of 5 he has 2 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers so my mother-in-law used her microwave allot to cook some of her meals so they were not used to good old home cooking like I was brought up on. When I was growing up the microwave was only used to heat things up but not in his household. Once before we got married we were at my parent’s house and I was cooking something and he was like you are not going to use the microwave? I told him "NO" that is used to heat things up. To this day there are some things I just have to do the old fashioned way like mashed potatoes. I DO NOT allow boxed potatoes in my house at all. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have anything against them as I do eat them when I go to my In-law’s house.

Well here is a picture of his creation

Here is a picture of my bowl. I was only able to take 2 bites as I was laughing the whole time I was preparing my plate as I new that was one I was not going to be able to get down. Needless to say I ended up eating a frozen meal we had in the freezer.