Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lost Pictures

As a scrapbooker the pictures we take mean the world to us and losing them would just be one of the most devastating things that could happen. Well yesterday that horror almost happened to me. On Sunday I went to go see my new little cousin and when I got home I immediately went to my computer to load up pictures that I could send to family to share as they all saw the baby when she was first born and I was away on a cruise.

Well, I use Creative Memories Memory Manager for my pictures and I love that software. Well to share the pictures I was going to use Google’s Picasa which I had only used once instead of using my shutterfly.com account to share the many pictures I had taken. Well with Picasa they just load all pictures on to it without asking if you just want to load one thing after it had finished loading all these random pictures and all they folders showed up that I did not want I started deleting the folders. In the back of my mind I wondered if they were messing anything else up but kept on deleting and then when I woke up yesterday I had decided to jump on my laptop and make a quick disk of the pictures to take and send thru email at work (yes was going to be slacking at work but I get in so darn early it would not of mattered) I logged on and opened Memory Manager and a big note flashed up when I went to my picture library letting me know my pictures were damaged. Well that is what deleting that stuff from Picasa did it was deleting my pictures from my memory manager file. I was so ready to cry but LUCKILY last time I say my CM consultant we got to talking about Memory Manager and she told me about the option of making a shadow copy of my picture database instead of having to do disk back-ups every time. I immediately went out that weekend and got an external hard drive just for this and that came in so handy yesterday when 7542 pictures were damaged (YES that many) and all I had to do was restore from my shadow copy. I only lost 74 pictures but they happened to just be the pictures I took on Sunday of my new little cousin which were still sitting on my card so I just reloaded them again deleted Picasa from my laptop and set up a shutterfly share account.

If I would of ended up losing all of those pictures. I would of just gotten back in bed called in sick as I would of not of been good to anyone. As it stood I couldn’t wait to get home and see if I could figure out what the 74 pictures were that I had lost.