Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Great American Scrapbook Convention

I can’t believe it has been January since I have last wrote on my blog and that on Sunday we will actually be in July.

I have had a lot of changes going on and that is part of the reason for the disappearance. As you have heard me say before my job was just hectic and not a happy place but one phone call from my former Director of Accounting changed everything. In March I left my old company and started a new job and that was the best decision I have EVER made in my life. Trust me I was absolutely worried about the change and leaving all of the great people I worked with and my boss who will always be a close friend but change was what I needed and was sad to leave the people but not sad at all to leave. My boss on my last day could not even look at me for most of the day as it just made her sick to the stomach.

 But let’s get to what this post is really about. This past weekend was the Great American Scrapbooking Convention (GASC) in Chantilly, VA and me and my cousins (Robin Shakoor, and her daughter) go every year. This year I took a class that was being offered by Clear Scraps to make a banner and it was so much fun.

We also found this cute little die that we bought to make little cards for down at my family reunion. I tasked my little cousin with doing this as her summer project while at home from college at the summer.

I will be back soon with more projects as I now in the mind frame to actually do some scrapbooking and also have a deadline to get some stuff done for my family reunion which is in like 3  weeks and have not started a thing. Nothing like waiting until the last minute J


Kristin said...

Super cute banner!

Hey you use to follow me on my old blog. I have moved it. I am now at HOpe you will come check it out!