Saturday, May 15, 2010


Family is one of the most important things in my life. My family has always been there for me through thick and thin and whenever I was down they were always there to make me feel better.

My family is very dysfunctional but I could not ask for a better family who is there always thru thick and thin. Even though most of my family lives in this area every year we travel 4 hours to our homestead for our annual family reunion. The best part besides the actual reunion is getting together for the reunion meetings.

Well today we had a family reunion meeting last one before the reunion in July. It will be our first one in two years due to some house issues we have had and have finally gotten the homestead to where we could have part of our reunion on the property and the rest at a restaurant in Gretna, VA called C&E’s let me tell you that is the best soul food I have ever eaten.

Oh gotten off of topic so back to the meeting so I am the family secretary and when starting the meeting had to read back the meeting minutes from the last meeting. After I finished my aunt looks at me and said that is all we discussed at a four hour meeting. I responded that that was all that was discussed that pertained to the actual family reunion not the other 20 topics you guys interrupted the meeting to just start talking about. I am sorry but dealing with a bunch of older women is sometimes hard but can I tell you HILARIOUS! My husband once commented you guys can’t get anything done because you always have to stop the meeting and catch up all of the late people and all of the eating that we do.

Today at this meeting we celebrated two special events:

This is my Aunt Frances and in two weeks she will be retiring from her job:

This is my cousin Traon and last night she finished her program to get her certification in Adminstration and can become a Vice Principal:

The hilarious part was we told each of them the cake was to celebrate the other persons event they were fully surprised when we revealed the cake was for both of them.