Sunday, May 16, 2010

Road Trip

Hope Everyone is having a great Sunday!

Well today is my last day home alone my husband has been out of town since Friday and is on his way back home today from Philadelphia and should be home in the next hour or so.

I decided to finally do this Road Trip layout that I have been trying to do for the last year but each time I bring out the paper and picture to work on it I can never seem to make it work for me but today was the day and I finally did the layout.

This is a picture of my cousin Traon and Joan catching a quick nap as we are driving to our next adventure of day as I call it at our 2009 Non-Family reunion. We didn't officaly have a reunion last year but we went down to just relax and see family members that live in that area.

The papers used are from:
My Little Yellow Bicycle Travler collecion

Well I am going to go work some on my family reunion scrapbook that will be showed at the reunion this year before my husband gets back and I have no more peace and quiet LOL!!!!!