Tuesday, January 24, 2012

52 Photos in 52 Weeks

As I have mentioned that I will be really getting into my photography this year more and in that commitment I have found some photography challenges. This challenge is 52 photos in 52 weeks.

Week 1 theme: New

This is the new barbie I got for Christmas. I LOVE HER!!!!

Week 2 theme: Shine
Every year my Aunt gives all us girls bedroom slippers and these were my new slippers this year. Ever since I was a child we had a theme of what we got. It's fun ever year to see what she type of slippers she has found this year.

The theme for this week is: COMMUNITY


Holly said...

Crystal! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I couldn't believe that a stranger looked and commented...it made my day! Then I scrolled down your blog and saw that you are an MCP user! Those are my favorite actions. Now I'm your follower! Love your resolution picture. Thanks again for your comment!

Kristin Kottwitz said...

Hey...I see you are in VA. Where at? Me and hubby and kids just moved here to VA in October. you can email me at kristinkottwitz@gmail.com

Robin Shakoor said...

I love these photos!